Why Seal-Tight?

Three Reasons Patients Swear by SEAL-TIGHT:

1. Preserves the pleasure of daily water-related routines

Showering, bathing, and other water-related activities are still easy, enjoyable activities when you use SEAL-TIGHT products. With professional moisture protection coverings from SEAL-TIGHT, you can confidently resume your regular daily routines without worry or interruption. While you recover, SEAL-TIGHT helps maintain your quality of life—every day.

2. Improves hygiene

With SEAL-TIGHT products, your skin, casts and bandages stay clean and dry. By maintaining a clean and sanitary site, SEAL-TIGHT products reduce potential infections and promote uninterrupted healing.

3. Avoids costly repair and replacement

SEAL-TIGHT products seal out moisture, saving the costs of unexpected doctor visits to replace casts, bandages, splints or dressings that can be seriously damaged by water penetration.

Why Doctors Recommend SEAL-TIGHT Moisture Protection

Many patients used to fumble with plastic bags and tape in futile attempts to keep their casts and bandages from getting soaked with water. Today, innovative excellence has made SEAL-TIGHT the market leader and the preferred, professional choice for doctors and their patients.

Doctors recommend SEAL-TIGHT with confidence from past experience. They know that SEAL-TIGHT is the professional way to protect casts, bandages, dressings and other healing aids from the damage of moisture penetration. Unlike many cheap, homemade contraptions that fail, SEAL-TIGHT preserves the careful work of doctors.

In fact, professional protection from moisture is so important that the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Web site recommends the purchase of waterproof shields to keep your splint or cast dry while you shower or bathe. That’s why it’s important to use economical SEAL-TIGHT products that promote healing as they enhance your recovery experience.

SEAL-TIGHT Follows a Professional Approach

All SEAL-TIGHT products start with top-quality, latex-free materials that exhibit exceptional flexibility. This helps assure easy-on, easy-off use by patients in all water-related applications. The latest advances in sealing technology enhance these durable, waterproof surfaces in all SEAL-TIGHT products. Once applied by the patient, SEAL-TIGHT products fit securely and comfortably to body contours, providing a sealed, watertight enclosure that locks out moisture.

What SEAL-TIGHT Users Say . . .

“SEAL-TIGHT kept my cast nice and dry with its design and helped me stay safe in the shower and when using the sink. It’s a wonderful product! It makes it easy to care for myself even at this advanced age.” —Necia A. J. Reider

“I liked how easy your product was to put on and take off myself. Plus it allowed me to be more independent in bathing myself. But most of all, how tight the seal was to prevent any moisture from getting into the cast.” —Kathy L.

“Our patients can easily enjoy their daily shower without disturbing the stockings or dressings. The SEAL-TIGHT products are great, effective and have been a positive item to offer.” —Betty Housman, R.N.Clinical Nurse Manager, San Antonio, Texas